Kat (sunshinenorcas) wrote,

All you ever need to know

SO. This is pretty empty.

And it's probably going to stay that way. Because quite frankly, I am horrible at the social media thing, and I don't write much- personal or otherwise, or do graphics like I used to. This account is mostly just to view/look at/comment on communities that I'm a part of (and much more active in).

If you've seen me somewhere and are dismayed that you can't e-stalk me on lj, never fear! For I have these accounts that I am far, far more active on :)

twitter: https://twitter.com/sunshinenorcas
tumblr: http://sunshinenorcas.tumblr.com/
eviantart: http://sunshinenorcas.deviantart.com/

Feel free to follow them, or drop a line anywhere if you are so inclined. But otherwise, have a nice day<3

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